Keyboard Shortcuts

Switch the OS dropdown on the right sidebar to see the specific keyboard shortcuts according to your OS. Keyboard shortcuts help you navigate Slack with minimal effort. You can see a quick list of shortcuts by pressing ⌘/ (Mac) and Ctrl/ (Windows/Linux) or take a look at the detailed lists below.

Keyboard shortcuts in List Style

Note: You can’t set custom keyboard shortcuts for Slack, but we may add this in the future. For now, use the shortcut above to see a quick list.

  • Align right – click Align right or use the shortcut CtrlShiftK ShiftK
  • Align left – click Align left or use Alt A A
  • Align top – click Align top or use  Alt W W
  • Align bottom – click Align bottom or use Alt S S
  • Align center – click Align center or use ctrl D ⌘ D
  • Align middle – click Align middle or use Alt Y Y
ActionShortcut Key
Previous unread channel or DM ctrl D D
Jump to a conversation ctrl k k
Move focus to the previous section shift F6
Browse direct messages
ctrl shift k shift k
Browse channels ctrl shift L shift L
Compose a new message ctrl N N
Open the Threads view** ctrl shift T shift T
Previous channel or DM visited ctrl ] ]
Collapse or open the left sidebar ctrl shift . shift .
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